Sometimes you just need an outside perspective or someone who can focus on the things you're not able to get to based on the everyday demands of the business.  Community Impact Solutions provides consulting support for everything from strategic planning, team building and specialized workshops to assessments and benchmarking.

Mentoring & Advisory

Knowing that you should be working on your business instead of in your business is sometimes easiser said than done.  Having someone to hold you accountable and guiding you through a systematic process for prioritizing your business first can be critical to business growth.  CIS's structured mentoring and advisory services include individual and group sessions customized for your specfic needs.

Process Optimization

Are you concerned you're not working at your optimum performance levels? Maybe you know there must be a simpler and more efficient way to handle your business processes or utilize your resources.   We can help you review your existing processes and identify strategies to streamline and improve those processes while focusing on improving quality and customer service.

Technology Solutions

Finding the right tools to help you manage your internal or external business functions can be overwhelming.  There are so many choices spanning many different price points.  We work with you to understand your needs and your budget for technology support and provide you options for keeping you operational and competitive in your market space.  We focus on identifying right-sized solutions that meet your business needs.  We can assist with vendor identification, selection, and implementation support where necessary.

Strategic Planning

How do you look at all of the things you could be doing and narrow it down to the things you are good at? The strategic planning process helps you to critically evaluate where you are today, identifies and prioritizes what's important, sets objectives, and establishes accountability.  By communicating and engaging everyone in your plan and regularly reviewing your progress, you greatly enhance your probability of success.


Solutions that Enhance and Improve

Do you find yourself wondering if there is a better, faster, more effective way to track and manage your business?  Do you have a handle on the metrics necessary to evaluate your performance or measure whether you're achieving your objectives? What do you use to manage projects, track customers, place orders, measure customer satisfaction?  How well do the tools and processes you have support collaboration with co-workers and clients?

If these challenges or others resonate with you but you don't know where to start or don't have the time, let us help. We combine years of business experience with innovative solutions to address your most pressing concerns.  We help you identify gaps and provide you with process and technology solutions to close those gaps and allow you to focus on more pressing business concerns.

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